Nissan Note E-Power Specs & Price In Pakistan

For individuals seeking a comfortable and convenient ride, the Nissan E-Power offers style and efficiency. It is the perfect choice for those who don’t require a large vehicle but still want one that is easy to drive. This low-cost electric vehicle is simple to assemble and maintain, providing the luxury of an electric vehicle at a more affordable price. As every component is made in Pakistan, the Note E-Power is an ideal fit for the country.

Different Trims of Nissan Note E-Power

The Nissan Note E-Power is available in various trim levels:

  1. Nissan Note E-Power
  2. Nissan Note E-Power X
  3. Nissan Note E-Power Medalist
  4. Nissan Note E-Power Nismo
  5. Nissan Note 4WD
  6. Nissan Note Autech
  7. Nissan Note C-Gear

Nissan Note E-Power

Nissan introduces a new powertrain called E-Power as part of its intelligent mobility initiative. This powertrain differs from traditional drive systems, as it is a self-charging car that eliminates the need for external charging. The car’s system determines when the engine should generate power, providing a responsive and smooth driving experience. With strong torque force, the E-Power enhances acceleration and driving response. Its efficiency is comparable to leading hybrid cars as it optimizes engine usage for maximum efficiency. Charging occurs only when the car’s speed is controlled, ensuring a quiet driving experience.

Nissan Note E-Power Modes

The E-Power models offer three driving modes:

  1. Normal
  2. S
  3. Eco
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In normal mode, the regenerative brakes function similarly to traditional cars. However, in S and Eco modes, the brakes engage three times with greater force, enhancing energy regeneration.

Unique and Sleek Exterior

The Nissan E-Power features a unique, sleek, and modern exterior design. Its appealing styling places it at the forefront of versatile compact cars. The sedan boasts four side doors with elegant chrome door handles. The black grille over the chrome plate adds beauty and dignity to the car. The lightweight aluminum alloy exterior contributes to its strong yet lightweight appearance. With stylishly curved sides, a spoiler, and a spacious trunk, the Note E-Power stands out on the road.

Note E-Power Interior Features

The spacious interior of the Note E-Power offers a comfortable ride. The abundance of innovative features further enhances the driving experience. The seats are soft and designed for long drives, utilizing a special fabric that resists liquid absorption and provides relaxation for occupants. Both the front and back seats are comfortable, and the car offers ample storage space. The 2-link meter includes an LCD odometer, trip meter, and fuel consumption display, enhancing driving convenience. With a seating capacity for five people, the Note E-Power ensures everyone can travel comfortably.

Dimensions & Weight

Sr. NoDimensions & WeightValue
1Length4055 mm 
2Width1695 mm
3Height1520 mm 
4Kerb Weight1220 KG
5Ground Clearance120 in 
6Wheelbase258 in
7Boot Space5
9Seating capacity390 L

Engine and Transmission

The Nissan Note E-Power is powered by a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder petrol engine and a 1.5 kWh battery. The engine produces 80 horsepower and 110 Newton meters of torque, providing impressive acceleration with an 8-second 0 to 100 km/h time. The electric motor drives the front wheels while the engine supplies the main power. Designed for fuel efficiency and power, the engine specifications make it suitable for new drivers.

Sr. NoSpecificationsDetail
1Body Type Hatchback
2Horsepower116 hp @ 5200 rpm
3Torque 225 Nm
4Fuel Type Petrol
5Displacement 1198 cc
6Valve Configuration12 Valve DOHC
7No. of Cylinders3
8Transmission Automatic
9Drive TypeRear Wheel Drive

Nissan E-Power Fuel Average

The Nissan Note E-Power offers excellent fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice. It can achieve a fuel average of 19 to 24 KM/L, thanks to its efficient engine.

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Maximum Boot Space

Despite being a minivan, the Nissan Note E-Power provides a spacious interior with more than 60 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Skillful design ensures maximum space, and both the front and rear offer ample legroom.

Advantages of Fuel Power

The Nissan Note E-Power provides excellent acceleration across all power levels. It offers a smooth ride and enhances fuel mileage.

Sr. NoFuel AverageDetail
1Fuel  TypeHybrid
2Battery1.5 kWh
3Mileage City 19 KM/L 
4Mileage Highway24 KM/L

Effectiveness on Electric Power

The Note E-Power operates efficiently on both electric motors and fuel engines. It offers excellent convenience and comfort during electric power usage, with Nissan’s powerful engine delivering impressive acceleration.

Suspension System of Note E-Power

The suspension system of the Nissan Note E-Power is designed to handle road bumps and curves. While it can be bouncy at times, overall it provides a comfortable ride.

Sr. NoSteering & SuspensionDetail
1Steering TypeRack & Pinion
2Front SuspensionMacPherson Strut
3Back SuspensionTorsion Beam 
4Front Brake Ventilated Discs
6Tyre Size195/55/R17
7Wheel Size17 in
8Wheel TypeAlloy Wheel

Nissan Note E-Power Smooth Brakes

The brake system of the Note E-Power utilizes three-wire electronic control technology, ensuring consistent braking power throughout the range. This feature guarantees a comfortable and smooth ride without sudden stops or starts.

Complete Family Vehicle

The Nissan Note E-Power is a perfect choice for a family car, accommodating up to five people comfortably.

Standard Features of Nissan Note E-Power

The Nissan E-Power is equipped with modern features, including:

  1. Center Armrest
  2. Cup Holders
  3. USB Ports
  4. Airbags
  5. Crash Sensors
  6. Adjustable Seats
  7. Push-Button Start
  8. Front Crumple Zone
  9. Power Rear Windows
  10. Automatic Air Conditioning
  11. Redesigned Headlamp
  12. 360-Degree Parking Assistant
  13. X-tronic CVT Transmission
  14. Dimpled Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel
  15. Vehicle Stability Control System
  16. Day-Night Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
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Appealing Color Range

The Nissan Note E-Power is available in eight fantastic colors, allowing buyers to choose one that matches their personality and style.

  1. Vivid Blue
  2. Super Black
  3. Garnet Red
  4. Emerald Green
  5. Deep Blue Mica
  6. Dark Metal Grey
  7. Brilliant White Pearl
  8. Brilliant Silver

Safety Measures in Nissan Note E-Power

The Nissan Note E-Power prioritizes safety with features such as:

  1. ABS
  2. Emergency Braking
  3. Power Door Locks
  4. Push-Button Start
  5. Cruise Control
  6. Child Safety Locks
  7. Central Locking
  8. Rear Camera
  9. Keyless Entry
  10. Parking Sensors
  11. Auto Lock Feature
  12. Electric Power-Assist
  13. Driver Seat Belt Reminder
  14. Electronic Stability Control
  15. Lane Departure Prevention
  16. Front and Rear Anti-roll Bars
  17. Steering Wheel Controls
  18. Driveline Traction Control
  19. Speed-Sensing Steering Wheel

Competitors of Nissan Note E-Power

Some of the Nissan Note E-Power’s competitors include:

  1. Toyota Vitz
  2. Toyota Passo
  3. Suzuki Cultus
  4. Suzuki Swift
  5. Toyota Aqua

Spare Parts and Maintenance

The Nissan Note E-Power offers lower spare parts and maintenance costs. As its parts are readily available in Pakistan, maintaining this car is convenient and straightforward.

Nissan Note E-Power Price in Pakistan

The Nissan Note E-Power is an affordable car that provides well-equipped features, offering a luxury car-like experience. In Pakistan, the price of a used Nissan Note E-Power ranges from PKR 1,325,000 to PKR 7,000,000.


The Nissan E-Power boasts stunning features that capture the attention and interest of buyers. It is a durable car that provides long-lasting performance while saving money and offering great comfort and ease of driving. With its advanced safety features and front braking system, the Note E-Power prioritizes the safety of occupants and pedestrians. This reliable vehicle offers all the necessary features to simplify your life, making it an excellent choice for customers in Pakistan.


How good is the Nissan Note E-Power?

The Nissan Note E-Power is highly popular among drivers in Pakistan due to its exceptional qualities.

Is the Nissan Note E-Power quick to accelerate?

The Nissan Note E-Power offers good acceleration and can reach speeds of over 100 km/h without compromising safety.

How long can a Nissan Note battery be charged?

Nissan guarantees that the batteries in its electric vehicles will last eight years or 100,000 miles.

What is the operation of the Nissan Note E-Power?

The petrol engine in the Nissan E-Power system powers the battery, while the electric motor drives the wheels.

What are the main elements of Nissan Note E-Power?

The key components of the E-Powertrain (PDM) are the inverter, high-power electric motor, reduction drive, and power delivery module.